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lamiarte grupolamiarte grupo lamiarte paneles encimeras encimera nave



Natural elements: our rough diamond

The art of taking care of the sustainability of our forests: the environment gives us everything and as our diamond in the rough, we take care of sustainability respecting all current standards and being aware of the real needs of the market, without abusing or doing wrong use of raw material. We are strict with quality standards to always offer the best products. We have all the necessary environmental certifications.

From the beginnings we are fully aware of obtaining the wood through selective and sustainable logging, taking care of our forests through techniques that are applied to the forest masses to obtain a continuous and sustainable production.

Preparation of the wood. We are selective and careful


Once the branches are removed from the tree and part of the bark is removed, it is cut into pieces to the desired extent. The wood is transported in trucks to the sawmills. Once there, the logs are divided into boards or planks and stacked for conditioning. It is important to dry the wood completely so that it is stable and does not deform in the following processes. It is done by natural and artificial drying. The tables are grouped.

The wood goes to our factories to continue construction process.

Factory production process. Passion and innovation in what we do

Works of art in production: our decision has always been to take care of each of our products by giving them the time they need to achieve the optimal result.


We contribute every day to improve the quality, versatility and competitiveness in our sector, thus improving our processes and products for which we are so committed.

Each of the more than 90 workers, from LAMIarte and Andukit, use passion as an innovation tool to make creative, special and unique shapes, colors, textures of high quality.

We select best tables and then group them. The adhesive is applied and fixed by the pressure to the different paneling designs.

Finally, the surface is treated and puted through the quality controls.

Packaging and marketing. We offer art to our customers


Once all the factory quality controls have been passed, each laminate grouping is carefully marked and packaged to transport the product to its final or semi-final destination (end customer or suppliers).

Current market and position: we are present in the national and international market and we have a wide commercial network and specialized providers in the sector.


Spain, Morocco, USA, Dominican Republic ... We grow with strategy, patience, enthusiasm, effort and talent.

Because and special for you. The customer in the center


We managed to connect emotionally with the client creating sensations and experiences through the shapes, colors and textures.

Art in the relationship with our customers: we value a personalized service that drives an exceptional manufacturer-customer relationship, whether it is a supplier or an end customer.

We are committed to a humane treatment. We dedicate the time you need. The experience has given us the reason and the final satisfaction of our clients encourages us to continue along this line, conserving our values and directing our behavior to be better people every day.

Installation of the panels in the chosen places: houses, hotels, terraces, restaurants, offices, airports, public spaces 

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