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lamiarte grupolamiarte grupo lamiarte paneles encimeras encimera nave

We create unique products to exite

LAMIarte is a referential group in Spain inside the sector of the design, manufacture and distribution of panels, thought to be installed successfully in any type of surface. A recognition obtained for combining our wide experience with the last technologies and avant-garde designs.


The investigation for a continuous improvement of the processes, and the application of the same ones, allows us to lead the market with new innovative applications concepts.


Located in Luque, Córdoba, the LAMIarte group is a Spanish company that currently has four industrial production plants, with a total area of more than 39,000 m2. In these plants are created a variety of products such as: sandwich panels, bands with integrated handle, modules in kit, exploded view, postformed and edged countertops, and also a ide range of complements and accessories.

lamiarte grupolamiarte grupo lamiarte paneles encimeras encimera nave

Total area of more than

 39.000 m2

Export to

11 countries

We value a personalized and transparent treatment with our clients

Our objective is to provide effective and exclusive solutions that improve the lives of people living with our creations, achieving a quality and special technical characteristics designed individually and personalized for each space and need.

We believe in teamwork, safe work place and long-term partnerships. Ethics and transparency are our business principles, as well as the value we give to the commitment we acquire with our clients, who are our great support at the time of developing new and risky projects.


Our business aim is to continue creating and contributing ideas, concepts and innovative designs that generate new trends, and that actually translate into all types of applications, both for the home (kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dressing rooms), as for the rest of the Contract sectors (offices, restaurants, shops, airports ...).

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environmental certifications

We believe in what we do and how we do it

Currently, the LAMIarte Group is present in the whole national territory, in addition to exporting in 11 countries in which we have distributors: Morocco, Algeria, France, England, Portugal, United States, South Africa, Mozambique, Norway, Belgium and Finland. Always fulfilling our acquired commitments by delivering quality and respecting delivery times.

* We have the necessary environmental certifications in our processes. We are fully aware and committed to make responsible use of the raw material.

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